org.freedesktop.LowMemoryMonitor — D-Bus proxy to Linux' memory pressure information


LowMemoryWarning (y level);


Unsandboxed applications and desktop-environments can listen for the "LowMemoryWarning" signal to know when they should drop caches, and unnecessary allocated memory so as to reduce their memory usage.

The object path will be "/org/freedesktop/LowMemoryMonitor".

Signal Details

The "LowMemoryWarning" signal

LowMemoryWarning (y level);

Signal emitted when a particular low memory situation happens. The valid level values go from 0 to 255, but only certain values are currently used. The higher the number, the more urgent the warning is. Currently used levels are:


Memory on the device is low, processes should free up unneeded resources so they can be used elsewhere.


The device has even less free memory, so processes should try harder to free up unneeded resources. If your process does not need to stay running, it is a good time for it to quit.


The system will start terminating processes to reclaim memory, including background processes.

y level:

An integer representing the level of low memory warning.